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The importance of funding and management

It can be difficult for start-up businesses to find funding for their projects. Without this, it can be extremely difficult to get your idea up and running. Our new partnership with microFunding® allows entrepreneurs to get in contact with investors and managers, so that they can network with the very people looking to take new business ideas to the next level.
It takes more than just a good idea and access to money, however, to become successful. Good management of a worthy project is essential for it to thrive; the microFunding® Exchange gives the chance for all three of these factors to come together.

Micro funding: the concept: the new three-way funding process

Inventors post their ideas confidentially and securely, without having to commit to any future involvement in starting, growing or managing the future business, but keeping a large stake in it. For more information, please see the microFunding® process and the Inventors’ guidelines.

Managers with a broad range of commercial skills have secure access to these ideas, and subject to strict confidentiality select those that in their judgment and experience have the best profit potential. For this, the manager can grow a business in which he has his own large personal stake. If you have the profile and would like to apply to be part of the list of microFunding® managers, send us an email and we will give you more information about it.

Investors from Angels Den and other sources - again securely and confidentially - have access to those ideas pre-selected by the managers, and give their financial backing to the projects they choose. By backing the skills and experience of the manager, rather than just the idea, they greatly improve the risk-reward ratio of investing and so have a far better chance of profit while absolutely limiting their downside.

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    It exists other solutions to get fundings. Have a look at the “Finance” area of our Useful Resources list.